Apr 7, 2012

New Author Challenge 2012

I am three months late but I am happy to see that I can still participate in these challenges. New Author Challenge is one of my favourites from 2010 so I will participate again this year.

The challenge is run by Literary Escapism and it is from January 1, 2012 to December 31, 2012. Today is April 7 and I have read 13 books since the beginning of this year. Now, I check my list and see that 9 of them were written by new authors so this defines my level of participation: 25 new authors. There are three levels of participation by the way: 15-25-50 authors.

After checking what I read in 2010 and 2011, I decided to read more Turkish authors this year. I especially decided to read brand new authors: Those who have published only one or two books till now. In that sense, I will differ from the majority (maybe all) of the participants in this challenge. Since I decided to make my blog bilingual (so as to reach Turkish community as well), my posts about newly discovered Turkish authors will be in Turkish. It will be meaningless to share the link in the challenge page but I guess it is understandable. For example, right now I am reading "Ambrosia Laneti" (the translation would be "The Curse of Ambrosia" by M.R. Yalcinkaya. Once I finish reading it, I'll review it in Turkish but will note it as a new author.

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