Apr 17, 2012

First Chapter, First Paragraph Tuesday Intros

This weekly meme is hosted by one of my all time favourite bloggers Bibliophile by the Sea. Whenever I go to a bookstore, I almost always read one or two pages before buying a book so I really liked this meme.

I had picked up the book I’m currently reading on my kindle just because of its first page so here it is: The Swarm by Frank Schätzing:

Huanchaco, Peruvian Coast
Juan Narciso Ucañan went to his fate that Wednesday, and no one even noticed.
A few weeks later the circumstances surrounding his sudden disappearance sent shockwaves around the globe, but Ucañan’s name was never mentioned. He was one of many. Too many. What he’d experienced in the early hours of that morning had been going on elsewhere all over the world. The parallels were striking – once you knew what had happened, and only Ucañan did. Maybe the fisherman, with his simple way of seeing things, had even sensed the more complex connections, but in the absence of his evidence, the mystery went unsolved. Neither he nor the Pacific Ocean on the Huanchaco Coast in the North of Peru gave anything away. Like the fish he caught in his lifetime, Juan Narciso Ucañan stayed silent. When he next showed up, he was just a statistic. No one had time to wonder about his whereabouts: events had entered a new and graver phase.

Now I wonder if anyone else feels like reading this chunkster (Turkish version is around 800 pages) after reading what I shared above.

Happy reading to all…


  1. This intro is very intriguing and makes me want to know more. Thanks for joining in today; I'm a new follower.

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