Dec 23, 2012

Monthly Key Word Challenge 2013

As I was going through the challenges of 2013, this is the first one I am attracted to. The challenge is hosted by Bookmark to Blog. There are 10 key words associated with each month and the task is to read one book each month whose title includes one of the key words of that month. You can find the key words, how you can tweak key words and further guidelines here.

As I have almost 200 unread books waiting to be picked on my shelves, it was nice to go through all of them to choose the books to be read for this challenge. I'll be reading Turkish translation of almost all of the books so I checked whether the Turkish title includes one of the key words but I guess there is no problem with that. Down I'll be posting the Turkish title of the books as well and I'll underline the key words in both English and Turkish titles. Here is my list:

January: The Wind in the Willows (Söğütlükte Rüzgar) / Kenneth Grahame / Scottish Lit
February: Life, A User's Manual (Yaşam Kullanma Kılavuzu) / Georges Perec / French Lit
March: Predator's Gold (İhanet Altını) / Philip Reeve / English Lit
April: Snow Flower and the Secret Fan (Kar Çiçeği ve Sırlar Yelpazesi) / Lisa See / American Lit
May: The Painted Bird (Boyalı Kuş) / Jerzy Kosinski / Polish Lit
June: The Sand Fish / Maha Gargash / Arab Lit
July: Night Train to Lisbon (Lizbon'a Gece Treni) / Pascal Mercier / Swiss Lit
August: Uzaydan Gelen Konuk / Isaac Asimov / Russian Lit
September: Siyah Hatıralar Denizi / Mehmet Açar / Turkish Lit
October: Chronicle of a Death Foretold (Sevgiden Öte Sürekli Ölüm) / Gabriel Garcia Marquez / Colombian Lit
November: Brave New World (Cesur Yeni Dünya) / Aldous Huxley / English Lit
December: The Famished Road ( Yol) / Ben Okri / Nigerian Lit

I'm really glad I came across this challenge. It has diversified my reading list and I ended up choosing books from world literature :)

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  1. I LOVE your list... I have read most of these and I can tell you are going to have an excellent time with them :)

    This looks like such a good challenge, but I really don't think I'll have time this year to do one of these. :( Enjoy!