Jun 5, 2012

First Chapter First Paragraph Tuesday Intros

"First Chapter First Paragraph Tuesday Intros" is a weekly meme hosted by Bibliophile by the Sea. for this meme, we share the opening paragraph of the books we decided to read based on the opening paragraph(s). This week I'm going to share opening paragraphs of "Big Fish" by Daniel Wallace. As usual, I'm reading the Turkish version but I'll share the English version with you. By the way, I liked the second paragraph more than the first one.

The Day He Was Born

He was born during the driest summer in forty years. The sun baked the fine red Alabama clay to a grainy dust, and there was no water for miles. Food was scarce, too. No corn or tomatoes or even squash that summer, all of it withered beneath the hazy white sky. Everything died, seemed like: chickens first, then cats, then pigs, and then dogs. Went into the stew, though, the lot, bones and all.

One man went crazy, ate rocks, died. Took ten men to carry him to his grave, he was so heavy. Ten more to dig it, it was so dry. 

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  1. Thanks for joining in today. I have never heard of this book, so I would probably read a bit more before deciding.