Oct 9, 2010

First Challenge Completed

2010 Chunkster Challenge was one of the first challenges I have participated. I was a newbie in book blogging and I think I still am. It was also the first time I was trying to get organized to choose the books I am to read and keep track of the books I have read.

My level was "The Chubby Chunkster" which required three chunksters to be read. I was done by the end of April. I read the books in Turkish and generally Turkish translations are longer than the original copies. I guess we have longer words so I am in a slightly more advantegous position when it comes to chunksters. Here are the links to reviews (in English, of course) my three chunskters:

1. Şu Çılgın Türkler by Turgut Özakman - 748 pages
2. Kayıp Sembol (The Lost Symbol) by Dan Brown - 527 pages
3. Dünyanın Gözü (The Eye of the World) by Robert Jordan - 800 pages

Where am I right now? I'm reading my 8th chunkster so I'll play big next time. Many thanks to CARIBOUSMOM for hosting this challenge.

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