Apr 23, 2010

15) Kemik Taciri (The Bone Pedlar)

Original Title: The Bone Pedlar (Sir Richard Straccan, #1)
Turkish Title: Kemik Taciri (Sir Richard Straccan, #1)
English Title: The Bone Pedlar (Sir Richard Straccan, #1)
Author: Sylvian Hamilton
Pages: 300
Rating: 1/5
Just to support my local library.
The story is set in the reign of King John, during the period known as the Interdict, when (the King having fallen out with the Pope) the whole of England was placed under interdict and no religious ceremony of any kind was permitted to take place. The hero of the book, Sir Richard Straccan, an ex-Crusader, deals with authentic, extremely valuable relics. The relics are generally the body parts of saints, such as three hairs of St. Edmund, the ear of St. Marcellinus, etc.

One of those relics is the finger of St Thomas, which Straccan has been asked to obtain for a wealthy patron. Straccan does not know much about the finger itself: The finger is needed to make up the sum of eleven relics (of the eleven good disciples of Jesus) that a Scottish sorcerer will need to protect himself when he sacrifices Straccan's daughter in his attempt to release a devil from Hell.
It was the most boring book of 2010 so far. I didn’t like the story. I didn’t like the hunt for relics interesting or exciting at all. I do not know if it is the Turkish translation to blame but I had hard time trying to reach the end. This book is the first book of Sir Richard Straccan Trilogy and I am so sure that I will not read the other two books.

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