Sep 1, 2013

[Blog Tour] Hot Redemption | K.D. Penn

Original Title: Hot Redemption
Turkish Title: Not Available
Author(s): K.D. Penn (USA)
Genre: Romance, cyberpunk, erotic
Evaluation: 3/5
When I was reading this book...: ... I had to work over weekend.

As you can see in the gorgeous pic above, I volunteered to be a part of this book which is to be published by Dragonfairy Press in December this year.

Epic and his brothers don’t rob strip clubs for fun or fame, but to use the electronic currency to take care of their family. With androids and robots flooding the job market, it is almost impossible for humans to find work. Besides, stealing comes easy to the gang, until Phoenix steps into their lives, snatching away their bounty and fogging up Epic’s mind with her seductive scent.

Shots blare. A chase ensues. Both sides refuse to yield. And the small compromise that comes is brought by chains and a promise for a bigger hit—on a planet far away from earth.

Can Epic and Phoenix work together to rescue themselves from poverty? Or will they find another type of redemption, one lathered in lust and warmth, pleasure, and the type of undemanding love that no human can live without?

I wanted to be a part of this blog tour because of the mixture of cyberpunk and erotic elements in its content. The blending of these two (really hard to blend) genres was at its best. Still, being a sci-fi lover, I found myself trying to find more details of this "android&robot dominated future". All I found was limited sentences. This is not the author's fault though. The book is actually about what I mentioned in the previous part, nothing more than that. I wish it was a longer book with more details of its unique future as the author touched a sensitive social issue, high unemployment due to increasing number of robots and androids.

About the characters, I liked each of them. Epic's family was so well described that I was able to imagine all of them (especially the triplets) talking all together in a single room. I liked the strong family ties in Epic's family, how much he cared for his family and all.

The romantic and erotic parts were given at the right dose and didn't make the book get away from its sci-fi oriented scope. I liked each and every phase of Epic and Phoenix's relationship and how it turned out to be at the end.

It was a joyful late summer read for me. The timing was perfect as I had to work for long hours at work. When I was home after an exhausting day, I liked getting far far away with Epic and Phoenix.

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