Jun 8, 2012

The Evening News

Original Title: The Evening News
Turkish Title: Gece Terörü
English Title: The Evening News
Author: Arthur Hailey
Pages: 618
My Rating: 4/5

It’s one of the few e-books I have in Turkish and I was in the mood for enjoying my kindle those days so I read it.

Crawford Sloane is the best anchorman at CBA. One day his son, wife and father are kidnapped by terrorists. Because of their network and resources, Sloane and his journalist friends agree that the news crew of CBA channel can find out who the terrorists are. One of Sloane and his wife’s old friends, Harry Partridge brings together some best TV people. They start searching for clues to try to find out who took Sloane’s family and why. The clues lead them to South America, where drug lords known as the Shining Path are trying to overthrow Peruvian government. The rest of the story is about the dramatic adventure of Harry Partridge from the US to Peru to rescue Sloane’s family.

It was a nice, long read. I liked the touch of corporate owned network news. The connections between the characters were neatly presented and spread out all around the book. I especially liked the flashbacks of Harry Partridge and how they were connected with the core story. It was my first Arthur Hailey read and contrary to many other readers, I had a nice time reading it. I appreciated the research behind the plot and the details about TV news network were really educative for me.

I read it in spring so I can count it for Spring Reading Thing 2012.
It was my first Arthur Hailey read so I can count it for New Author Challenge.

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