May 29, 2012

Earth Is Room Enough (Dünya Hepimize Yeter)

Original Title: Earth Is Room Enough
Turkish Title: Dünya Hepimize Yeter 
English Title: Earth Is Room Enough
Author: Isaac Asimov
Pages: 246
My Rating: 4/5

In November 2011 there was a small book fair in my university (By the way, I graduated more than 10 years ago but it is still “my” university). It lasted for four days. Although I wanted to visit it on the very first day, many unscheduled things came in between and I just couldn’t go. On the last day, I made it there but the student club that organized the book fair was busy packing the books. I was so disappointed that they felt sorry for me. They told me that all of the new books were already packed and showed me a box of second-hand books. “Earth Is Room Enough” was at the top and the minute I saw Asimov’s name, I decided to buy it. I bought 5 or 6 books on that day and the students were really happy with their last-minute sale.

Earth Is Room Enough is a collection of early short stories of Asimov from 1950s. Almost all of the stories concentrate on earth while a few of them concentrate on space travel. 

This book, like many other Asimov books, is classic. It can be considered as early science fiction. Except for a few anomalies like punch cards, Asimov’s imagination and stories fit in well still today. The technological advances humanity has achieved over time do not affect the impact of these stories. When I was reading it, I forgot the fact that these stories were written in 1950s. I think one can still see the possibilities of some of Asimov’s imagined futures even yet. 

Like many other reviewers, “Satisfaction Guaranteed” is my favorite from this collection. 

I read it in spring so I can count it for Spring Reading Thing 2012.
This was an adult sci-fi book so I can count it for 2012 Science Fiction Reader Challenge.

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