Mar 31, 2012

Spring Reading Thing 2012

I have been far far away from my blog since for almost 1.5 years (It feels like longer though). The long winter seems to end and this weekend I feel like I'm waking up from hibernation. I have been in a cheerful mood since I woke up. I was going through the book blogging world to see what's up when I came across Callapidder Days blog and saw the logo for "Spring Reading Thing 2012". I once participated this challenge and really enjoyed so I decided to take my chance to both update my blog and make my list for the books I'll be reading from March 20 to June 20. I have two weeks of fun travels (one to Spain and one to the Netherlands) in this period but I'll do my best to read 12 books in this period.

Before writing my list, I'd like to thank once again to Callapidder Days for arranging this challenge right when I needed it :)

Well, it is hard to decide so I'll name the 7 of 12 and the rest will be a surprise both for me and for you:

1. Crooked House by Agatha Christie (This one is easy to write as I already read it from March 24 to March 30)
2. Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne (This one is also easy as I'm currently reading it)
3. Ambrosia Laneti by Mustafa Resul Yalcinkaya ( There has to be a book by a Turkish author)
4. The Prague Cemetary by Umberto Eco (I promised a friend to read it in April so that we can discuss)
5. Trespassing by Uzma Aslam Khan (A friend gave it to me long ago and I promised her to register it to bookcrossing and leave it somewhere outside Turkey. I want to leave it in a cafe or restaurant in Barcelona or Madrid so I have to finish it off before April 30)
6. Earth Is Room Enough by Isaac Asimov
7. Thirteen Years Later by Jasper Kent (This is the second book of the Danilov Quintet series. My sister and I read the first book last year. I already bought the second book. I have to read it before mid-June so that I can give it to my sister when I visit her in Amsterdam)

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