Mar 6, 2010

More About Me...

Since last year I’ve become a more active internet user. Thanks to internet, I started organizing my travels more properly (at this point I have to thank the creators of Virtual Tourist). Thanks to travels, I met with many nice people outside Turkey. Thanks to these nice people, I have a new hobby: I’m a crazy postcrosser/postcard swapper (Thanks to creators of PostCrossing and Swap-bot). I even started my own blog for the postcards and stamps I have received.

Among all these, I noticed that I started to spare less and less time for reading. I used to read much more when I was younger. Then, I decided to read more starting in 2010 and onwards. I have been happy with the blog I had started for my postcards and that’s why I decided to start a blog for the books I have read. Maybe I’ll make new virtual friends that can motivate me to relight my book reading spirit.

I did a quick search on the internet, came across great blogs and personal websites of those who are really into reading. Guys, I envy you all. I also saw some nice challenges many have joined for 2010.

Let’s see how this year will go, what this new blog will bring, how much I’ll be able to read. I’ll do my personal book-keeping at the end of the year. If I manage to read as much as I want, then you’re gonna come across me in some book reading challenges in 2010. Of course, it doesn’t mean that I don’t have my very own personal challenges: I wanna read 40 pages per day and 50+ books in 2010.

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